The Mexican Revolution Bibliography: MEXICO The Revolution and Beyond By Pete Hamill La Nueva Historia minima de Mexico By Javier Graciadiego Published by the Colegio de MexicoContinue Reading

Jose Maria Velasco JOSE MARIA VELASCO He is one of the most famous Mexican artists. He lived from 1840 to 1912. He is the maximum exponent of Mexican landscaping of the XIX century. During his time, most of the artistsContinue Reading

The Aftermath of the French Empire THE AFTERMATH OF THE SECOND EMPIRE In the last history video we posted, we talked about the French intervention and the Second Empire with Maximilian of Hapsburg and that Juarez ordered to execute himContinue Reading

The Reform and the French Invasion In our last episode, Mexico had lost half of its territory after the American Invasion, including California, New Mexico, Arizona, Utah, Nevada, Texas, also Wyoming, Colorado, and part of Kansas. Santa Anna dictatorship hadContinue Reading

The First Empire of Mexico 10 years of struggles had transformed New Spain so much, that even the spanish born, were inclined to accept the Independence. For different reasons there was a group who wanted the constitution, tailored to theContinue Reading