HOW DO MEXICANS CELEBRATE CHRISTMAS? Christmas is one of the most important festivities for Mexicans because we celebrate the nativity of Jesus. TRADITIONS AND CUSTOMS Christmas in Mexico has a great variety of traditions and customs. Everything that takes placeContinue Reading

BENITO JUAREZ AND ABRAHAM LINCOLN In these pasts years when the relationship between the The United States and Mexico have been very complicated, I want to mention that it has not always been like this. Benito Juarez and Abraham LincolnContinue Reading

A Special Christmas and New Year All the team of Loving Mexico, and the whole world, have lived difficult times during 2020. However, confinement has given us time to reflect on what is truly important in our lives. We haveContinue Reading

The Reform and the French Invasion In our last episode, Mexico had lost half of its territory after the American Invasion, including California, New Mexico, Arizona, Utah, Nevada, Texas, also Wyoming, Colorado, and part of Kansas. Santa Anna dictatorship hadContinue Reading