Mexican Independence Day Today all of Mexico is partying, our traditions, our culture, our gastronomy, our music, our unique parties, there are thousands of reasons to feel proud of this wonderful country and shout long live Mexico.    Continue Reading

LOVING MEXICO  is helping Niños Incapacitados, Fund Raising Event. We hope you will subscribe and help this Non-Profit organization to continue helping our Mexican children.  October 18 , 18 hrs. Central time 19 hrs. Eastern Time 17 hrs. Western Time. ByContinue Reading

Diego Rivera

Diego Rivera Part 1   MY ART, MY LIFE When I posted the video of Jose Maria Velasco, I talked about the different muralists of Mexico. However, I intended to write about Diego Rivera exclusively, because of the various muralists,Continue Reading

The Porfiriato Part 1 THE PORFIRIATO We ended our last history video when Porfirio Diaz sat on the presidential chair after defeating the Lerdistas and the Iglesistas (followers of Lerdo de Tejada and Iglesias). He was president between 1877 andContinue Reading