The Aftermath Of The Independence Of Mexico

In our previous video we talked about Iturbide being the first Emperor of Mexico and that after nine months of his reign he abdicated and fled to Itlay, not being able to ever come back to Mexico.

After the failure of the political monarchy experiment, the country was without an executor. When the congress was re-installed in power they named the Triumvirat (3 men in power) who exercised the executive supreme power, however the provincial deputies and the army refused to obey them and demanded the election of a new congress.

The new congress was installed In 1824, six months after Iturbide had fled. Their main goal was to mantain unity, so the country was given the name of ESTADOS UNIDOS MEXICANOS (Mexican United States) It was formed by 19 states and 4 territories and one Federal District, the oficial religión was catholicism and the government was divided into three powers, Legislative, the main power, The Executive remained In the hands of a President and a Vice-President and the Judicial Power in the hands of the Supreme Court.

The President would be elected through vote. After the election of the President and Vice-President, there was a lot of optimism, trusting that the new political régimen would consolidate the country and bring progress, in total contrast with the true reality of the country which was indebted, disorganized and in dire need of international recognition and loans from abroad.