TOURISM – COVID – LOVING MEXICO Tourism, is one of the industries that has been most affected since the Covid 19 crisis hit. When will we travel again? What businesses will survive? What will tourism be like after the situationContinue Reading

San Juan Cosala

San Juan Cosala Today we are visiting San Juan Cosala. You may not know much about it other than the spas, which are world class. The name comes From the náhuatl Word meaning “ Place among the snakes in theContinue Reading

Prelude to the war of Independence   Bibliography/Sources; Fragmento tomado de la Independencia a la Consolidación Repúblicana de Josefina Zoraida Vázquez del Libro “Nueva Historia Mínima de México” Publicado por El Colegio de México.Continue Reading

SUMMER SOLSTICE Just a few days ago, was the Summer soltice, in the northern part of the planet and the Winter solstice in the southern part of the planet , and this year was an another special event happening atContinue Reading