The Purepecha People In History

We are about to embark on a visit to the State of Michoacán, one of the most colorful states in Mexico, because of its traditions.
Michoacán, located in the Southeast of Mexico, is a mountainous and lacustrine area. Several lakes, such as Cuitzeo, Pátzcuaro, and Zirahuen, and the Lerma river, cross the State.

The region is full of volcanoes, part of the “Sierra Madre Oriental,” The same mountainous range as the Rockies. To the North of the State, there is a region of 22 municipalities, where the Purepechas live. Their culture and traditions are different from the rest of the State. It is a separate State within the State.


Tariacuri was the founder of the Empire, which became a great empire during the XV and XVI centuries, the most important city was TzinTzunTzan, located near Pátzcuaro Lake. They became directrivals to the Aztecs, who could never conquer their territories. They had approximately 40,000 inhabitants at the time. The Purepecha rulers built a complex theocratic organization; they had a military state, and lordly clans formed the government. They were experts in working metals such as gold and copper.