Zamora Zamora se localiza en el amplio valle de Tzirondaro, y han encontrado aquí, reliquias de una cultura antigua que data del 1500 AC. En 1470 Los Purépechas sometieron a otras tribus de la región. Con la llegada de losContinue Reading

Churches in Cocucho and Nurio In our previous video, we saw how Bernardina makes the “cocuchas,” but it is not the only crafts they create. She and her family embroider “Guanengos” like these beautiful blouses. All women in town areContinue Reading

VASCO DE QUIROGA AND HIS MEXICAN UTOPIA The history of Vasco de Quiroga, born in Spain in 1470, is fascinating. He was appointed by Queen Elizabeth of Spain in 1530 to come to New Spain to evangelize and end withContinue Reading

Visit to the communities Hello dear friends of loving mexico. Today we are in San José de Gracia Michoacán, and we are going to travel along the Purépecha Route. Tour operator: Aventurate por JaliscoContinue Reading

Purepecha People Nowadays In our trip to Michoacán, following the Purepecha trail, we encountered checkpoints to go into their state.(as mentioned before, it is a state within the State of Michoacán. We were not able to take pictures, but theyContinue Reading