La Malinche

La Malinche Who is La Malinche and why is it important to talk about her? (En Español) She acquired a key roll in the conquest of Mexico – Tenochtitlan. She was interpreter, advisor and intermediary of Hernán Cortez , yearsContinue Reading

The Conquest of Mexico

The Conquest of Mexico After centuries free of foreign intervention in Mesoamerica, the glorious period came to an abrupt end. Early in the sixteenth century. The spanish invasion began in 1519, and following two years of dramatic events, Tenochtitlan fellContinue Reading

The Legend of Chocolate

The Legend of Chocolate According to the legend, chocolate was born like this… (En español)QUEZALCOATL, gave to the Olmecs cacao beans, so that their people would be well nourished and thus become studious, wise, artists and artisans. Quetzalcoatl stole theContinue Reading

Chapala Part 1

  Undoubtedly we live in a little bubble here in Lakeside. The weather is wonderful, life is great, you don’t get bored, there is so much to do, the only way you get bored, is because you want to. WeContinue Reading