Oaxaca de Juarez

Just recently, I went to Oaxaca.

This beautiful state has so many exciting places to visit and such a fascinating history that I would like to share with you, as well as the different activities during our six day stay.



It is located in South-Western Mexico, It was founded in 1486 and on the 25 th of April Oaxaca will celebrate it’s 490th anniversary, when it received from King Charles I of Spain and V of Germany the title of “Very noble and loyal city of Antequera.”

Oaxaca has eight regions with 570 municipalities. Most of them with different languages besides Spanish,
even though many of the languages are becoming extinct because just a few people can still communicate themselves with them, but we will talk about this later.

Oaxaca is a beautiful colonial city with man buildings built with green volcanic stone. In the central plaza, we have the Government Palace with many murals depicting the local history.

On the other side of the plaza is the Cathedral of the Assumption of Virgin Mary, the building is baroque style. Oaxaca is one of the wealthiest states in Mexico due to its cultural diversity and abundant natural resources.

There are about 11 archaeological sites, the most important Montalban and Mitla. All this makes Oaxaca so unique.

During our trip, we were welcomed by a Calenda, it is a parade, with musicians, dancers, and marmotas, we went through the streets, from Santo Domingo church to our hotel, which was on the central plaza, all the passerby joined us in this beautiful parade.

The Calenda is a celebration of gratitude that takes place in July for the arrival of the rains and the picking of crops, but they organized a Calenda just for us; it was a joyous moment, sharing a great tradition with so many people.

We drank mezcal, the typical drink from Oaxaca. Next post I will talk about our visit to Montalban, the most
important archaeological site, of the post-classic period.