Purepecha People Nowadays

In our trip to Michoacán, following the Purepecha trail, we encountered checkpoints to go into their state.(as mentioned before, it is a state within the State of Michoacán.

We were not able to take pictures, but they have police at the checkpoints with their uniform, and the Purepecha emblem in their caps. They also have their flag at the entrance.
They ask you questions, of who you are and why you are going into their state, nothing scary, they want to keep control, which has helped to have no covid-19 in their area.


In the Purepecha Nation, as it is now called, there are 22 municipalities divided into four different bio-zones.
1. Lacustrine, around the area of Lake Patzcuaro, Tzin-TzuTzan
2. Swamp in the area of Zacapu and Ziracuaretiro.
3. The ravine comprises eleven towns, Tinguindin,Tingambato,
4. The plateau or Purepecha zone, Tangacicuaro, Uruapan, and
To mention a few.