The First Empire of Mexico

10 years of struggles had transformed New Spain so much, that even the spanish born, were inclined to accept the Independence. For different reasons there was a group who wanted the constitution, tailored to the kingdom, while others wanted the establishment of the Republic .


The First Empire of Mexico

In this context an independent movement arouse within the royalist lines, it’s author was Agustin de Iturbide, who created a plan to consummate in a peaceful manner the independence from Spain. A novohispanic group went to Spain and were able to have a liberal person named, still with the hope of not loosing the possibility of continuing to belong to the Spanish Empire.

So there were three factions, trying to gain power. However the independent movement had already spread the word, throughout the whole Country and the liberals named in Spain, had to
return to Spain, convinced that the independence was irreversible and in 1821 the City of Mexico was totally decorated an in a festive mood to receive the liberator Agustin de Iturbide.

Iturbide as president of the regency, convened the deputies to elections for the national congress and that they should draft the constitution for the empire.
There were still monarquists who wanted an empire and the coronation of Iturbide, but another group was totally against it. The situation was very complicated, the country was endebted with 45
million pesos, there were no inhabitants with political experience. Even iturbide was not an expert and had diverted every problem to the congressmen.

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