Guadalajara Part 2 GOVERNMENT PALACE We will continue visiting Guadalajara, we are now in front of the Government Palace. It is a neo-classical building, built in 1650. The most important landmark of the building is the Mural of Jose ClementeContinue Reading

Guadalajara   GUADALAJARA Guadalajara means “Rio de Piedras,” “River of stones,” and its origin is Arabic. It Is the second-largest city in Mexico and capital of the State of Jalisco; it is over 5000 ft. ( 1500 mt) above seaContinue Reading

Guachimontones Guacimontones Is the name of an old prehispanic settlement located in the city and municipality of Teuchitlán, approximately one hour West of Guadalajara. Phil Weigand, an American archeologist, historian, and anthropologist, discovered this site. He dedicated himself for 30Continue Reading