SUMMER SOLSTICE Just a few days ago, was the Summer soltice, in the northern part of the planet and the Winter solstice in the southern part of the planet , and this year was an another special event happening atContinue Reading

Ajijic 2

Today we will visit downtown Ajijic the main plaza, surrounded by restaurants and vendors of crafts. This area is a favorite for expats and Mexicans to come and have coffee or lunch. Check Ajijic Part 1 Check the interview withContinue Reading

Bourbonic Reforms At the beginning of the 18th Century Spain needed to have a grip on their new power in New Spain. Bibliography/Sources Fragments taken from “Las Reformas Borbonicas ”, written by Luis Jauregui, compilation from the book “Nueva HistoriaContinue Reading


All countries and civilizations go through many periods of transformation before establishing themselves as what we now know. (En Español) As we mentioned in the video of the Colonial Period, there were many transformations political, economic and cultural, during thatContinue Reading

The Apparition Of The Virgin Of Guadalupe

Every civilization has its beginning stories, heroes, conquerors, leaders and saints. Such is the case of Mexico and the Virgin of Guadalupe, but, first you must understand the history to understand the powerful story of the Virgin. (En Español) ThisContinue Reading

Ajijic (Part 1) We are so happy to be with you again, exploring the different towns around Lake Chapala. We are now visiting Ajijic. This is the first of two videos about Ajijic. This town was founded fot he secondtimeContinue Reading

In Mexico, there is a great variety of trees and plants, some of them are medicinal and have different uses. (En Español) I had the opportunity of learning about medicinal plants most common in Mexico, when I participated in aContinue Reading

Inquisition In The Americas

The Inquisition In The Americas The inquisition started in 1229. This was a movement within the Catholic Church whose aim was to combat heresy, and any other entity that would oppose the church. Disclaimer Some of the content and visualsContinue Reading

The Colonial Period of Mexico

The colonial period in the Mexican history is when Mexico formed part of the Spanish colonies. And during their domination it acquired political unity, under the name of new Spain. Colonial Period of Mexico This period started after the fallContinue Reading

Interview with Michael Eager: Owner La Nueva Posada - Ajijic, Jalisco, Mexico

La Nueva Posada, Ajijic, Mexico Check Ajijic Part 1  Check Ajijic Part 2 La Nueva Posada Donato Guerra 9, 45920 Ajijic, Jalisco, Mexico Phone: +52 376 766 1344 Email: Website: www.hotelnuevaposada.comContinue Reading