Colonial Period of Mexico

The colonial period in the Mexican history is when Mexico formed part of the Spanish colonies. And during their domination it acquired political unity, under the name of new Spain.

Colonial Period of Mexico

This period started after the fall of Tenochtitlan and continued for 3 more centuries. The Spanish had been in Cuba for over 20 years, when the colonial period started in Mesoamerica. In their interest to expand their domains,expeditions came, one after the other. Until Hernan Cortes culminated the conquest, as mentioned before.

From 1522 to 1525 there was an intensive political activity, to organize the government. They named “encomenderos” who were obliged to keep a military alertness. So there would be no loss of their victories and alliances. They established lordships, among the conquerors, which had the capacity of collecting taxes and issuing laws, however they would govern on their own, not having a head to control them. 

A central government was installed as the sole representative of the Castillean crown, they created a document, making Spain the legitimate successor of the empire of Moctezuma, to appease the natives.

The conquerors decided to re-buildthe destroyed and defeated city of Mexico and erected it as the capital of the conquered country, building on top of the different pyramids, buildings for the government, that they were organizing, such as tax administration, justice administration, and a government palace, the most important matters for the crown.

All this was causing a very difficult and conflictive relationship, among the Spanish, competing fiercely among each other for the best positions within the government and the encomiendas (large parcels of land).

Unfortunately the good judgement of many, was shone by greed, irresponsibility and violence and the conquest project was about to collapse.

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Fragments taken from

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Compilation of the book Nueva Historia MInima de Mexico, published by El Colegio de Mexico.