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The history of the 5 most important towns on the North Lakeside area is very similar, all established around the same years. These towns are much more than the Green directional signs you see.

Jocotepec’s original name was Xilotepec, it was founded by a group of indigenous people on the 20th of November 1529, this group was originally living in Cutzalan, now San Juan Cosala, the meaning of Xilotepec is “among pots”. Xitomatl the chieftain, who lived in San Juan Cosala, was asked to found other towns, such a Axixiquie, Tzapotlan, now San Cristobal, Xilotepec and Tomatlán.

All this región was inhabitated by indigenous people who worshiped different dieties. The conquest was done by
Alonso de Avalos in 1524, and as in the other towns it was bloodless. Mainly creoles were living in this area like most áreas of Mexico, people flocked here. At first it was a municipality but it grew so much that soon enough it had a City Hall, in 1832 it adquired the title of “Villa” town , many indigenous people were living here, to be able to supply all the needs of the Spanish that lived in the area.

Tuxcueca and Tizapan are two municipalities that belong to this town, which belongs to Chapala.

There is a pre-hispanic road crossing the hill from east to west on the north side of the mountainous chain and we know it is pre-hispanic, because of the many findings of arrows, and pieces of pots, this road, was almost totally destroyed due to the construction of the libramiento.

The franciscans friars, also had the commitment to evangelize this area, founded a hospital with a chapel next to it, it was supported by the alms, mainly of the indigenous people.

During the viceroyal period these towns organized eclesiastical brotherhoods adhered to the parish of the Holy Conception, This brotherhood subsisted from the XVI Century til the XIX century, when it was banished by the reform laws. We know that the brotherhood had properties with honey hives and had a big production of honey and wax to illuminate the homes and the church.