From the war of independence to the consolidation of the republic

It comprises a period of transition in which the liberalisim and the nationalism start to prevail in the international stage and new states and nations start to forge. Latin American countries were pioneers in the phenomenon.

From the war of independence to the consolidation of the republic

The french and american revolutions were extended to the latinamerican colonies. And introduced new principles to the political life and within the relationships among the states.

These principles considered liberals, rejected the absolute monarquies establishing that the sovereignity belonged to the population. And that their representatives needed to choose a government exercised by three different powers: legislative, executive, and judicial as a means to guarantee the rights and the liberties of the individuals . Just as other latinamerican viceroyalties in New Spain. The independence was achieved after a long struggle, so the Mexican state was born flimsy, indebted. With a paralized economy a society completely divided and totally disorganized.

And if that was not enough, the fame and prosperity of the nation because of its natural resources made it become a target of the ambitions of the new commercial powers. But in spite of all this the enthusiasm and optimism to become a free country, sponsored two proyects of nation, which did not work. Until finally a republican, liberal scheme was established.

The war of independence

The new hispanic society was formed by a human mosaic, only 17. 5% was formed by spanish born and creoles (criollos). the creoles were more educated and 5% was owner of big fortunes and nobility titles, however the mayority was formed by ranchers, merchants, businessmen, officials, clergy and low rank military, aspiring for higher positions.

Mexico city was enjoying a calm period, when the 8th of june 1808, the news that Charles IV of Spain had abdicated in favor of his son Ferdinand, arrived to new spain and almost immediately another disturbing news was received, that the crown of spain was now in the power of Napoleon, who was trying to impose blockages against its enemy Great Britain, thus forcing Spain to allow his armies to cross its territory to submit Portugal, ally of the British.

La Malinche