Chapala (Part 2)



Undoubtedly we live in a little bubble here in Lakeside. The weather is wonderful, life is great, you don’t get bored, there is so much to do, the only way you get bored, is because you want to. We live in a Little Paradise.

Today i will describe for you some special places in Chapala to give you a sense of the scenic town. The magnificent lake is currrenly nearly full, though in the past there have been a number of droughts.

In 1955 the lake was almost totally dry, and the concern was so great that Archbishop Garibi Ribera from Guadalajara asked all “tapatios” to pray to the Virgin of Zapopan (whose shrine is in Guadalajara) for the recovery of the lake.

He promised to walk from Ixthlahuacan De Los Membrillos to Chapala (a steep climb and about 10 kilometers) if this happened.
The people did pray and the requested Miracle occurred. Water began sprouting from Springs all over the lake and the rain started pouring and the lake recovered.

The pilgrimage began with hundreds of people carrying the Virgin of Zapopan to Chapala. Every year since then the Virgin comes dressed in her traveling attire, which differs from her regular church raiment, to visit the lake and its people.

Since the great drought there have been many cyclical drougts. I remember that in 1985 and 2001, the lake was again very dry in some of the extensions. That is the reason it is so important to care properly for the water resources. The city of Guadalajara is allowed to take a certain amount of water each year for its own water needs.

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