Hacienda el Carmen

Hacienda El Carmen We are now with Mónica Baeza, she is the owner of Hacienda El Carmen, I am going to interview her because it is important to know the history of this hacienda, and several other things that IContinue Reading

Hacienda Labor de Rivera Hello dear friends, I am Veronica Valdovinos From Loving Mexico. Today we are visiting the first of several haciendas in Jalisco, The Hacienda Labor de Rivera. It is in Teuchitlán on the Tequila Route. It isContinue Reading

History and Life In The Haciendas The history of the haciendas was different in all the countries. Each area had its haciendas amd, they would produce according to the soil, climate or minerals. From 1567 the royal statute would specifyContinue Reading